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First-time stay campaign

Excluding the 4F MITATE

True luxury where the mind and body are made complete.
Enjoy the Setouchi bar any time whether in the morning, afternoon, or evening.
Live the life of dining on the carefully selected foods of Kagawa such as their fresh fish, olives and more. The very essence of this place will touch your soul, allowing you to experience our original menu and giving you a tantalizing sense of fun. 

Ledies only.We hold privacy as important on our floors with individual rooms. Each of the 4 room doors have their own unique designs. Themed as if in a white house on a small Mediterranean island. Opening the door should surely bring inspiration by witnessing the individually themed designs of each room.

Spend time relaxing while remembering moments from the bar or your travel destination.

Room size: 5.0m2 each

Price per person per night: 5000yen (tax included)

Enjoy a casual stay on the dormitory floor with rows of lovely, wooden bungalows.
Sleep soundly in each individual room, have a chat with your friends and enjoy your time as you like. Recommended for businessmen and creative thinkers who want to delve into work in a private space for a short time.

Room size: 2.4 - 3.1m2 for one space.

Price per person per night: 3500yen (tax included)〜

Recommended for family and group trips. Enjoy the feeling of reserving an entire floor and having the place to yourself.
Bedrooms are divided with hanging Japanese style “Noren” curtains, including wide bathtubs and other Japanese materials to give the interior a healing presence.
Relax by lying down on the floor and feel like you are in your own living room.

Room size: 9.3m2 bedrooms

Price per room per night: 13000yen (tax included)

How would you like to watch a sky full of stars and sleep in a tent right in the middle of Takamatsu city?
Enjoy your private space renting stylish outdoor products.
Experience the best memories possible that can’t be obtained by simply staying at a hotel.

Room size: 5.0m2 tent

Price per person per night: 1500yen (tax included)


9-13 Marunouchi, Takamatsu, Kagawa

Prefecture, 760-0033



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9-13 marunouchi, takamatsu-city, kagawa


tel:087-826-3210   fax:087-826-3211









From TAKAMATSU station 10min walk.